Good Life

Why ‘The Good Life’?

In 2012 I set off on an adventure and moved to the other side of the world to live in Sydney, Australia – where I spent an amazing 5 years of my life living just across the road from beautiful Bondi Beach.

If you’re not familiar with Australia, Bondi has a reputation similar to Los Angeles… it is home to the tall, tanned and (intimidatingly) beautiful people of Sydney, and a mecca for “living well”.

Despite being neither tall, tanned nor particularly beautiful, I became fascinated by the lifestyle that Bondi had to offer. On the surface, there were so many opportunities to live a “good” (environmentally friendly, healthy, well balanced) life. The myriad of options were almost overwhelming: locally sourced, fairtrade, vegan, organic, superfoods. And that was just the food!

However, after a while, Bondi began to feel a bit….well, vacuous. It occurred to me that the “good life” peddled by so many lifestyle gurus involved making choices based purely on personal health and happiness, rather than taking into consideration the greater good of others (and the planet).

I wanted both: to live and happy and well balanced life that also benefited the planet, and other people.

I believe that the vast majority of people are “good” and want to live a good life. But making good choices can be difficult. Many things associated with being ethical, green or socially conscious come with a personal sacrifice…. whether it be a hefty price tag (buying organic), a major lifestyle commitment (going vegan) or a significant time commitment (doing charity work).

Sometimes even deciding what the “good” decisions are can be complex: is buying Fairtrade goods from overseas good (for food producers) or bad (for the carbon footprint)?

I decided to start The Good Life as a way to explore some of these issues for myself, and also in the hope of inspiring other people to make some small – but significant – lifestyle changes that may (even in a small way) make the world a better place.

I don’t write as a voice of authority who has “mastered” the art of living a good life. I write as a person who struggles to make good decisions, but would like to do better: for myself, for other people and for the planet.

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